Affordable ways to help you feel peace, contentment and stability in an ever changing world!

Stalking the postman….

“I’m like, I want to stalk my postie now, I’m so excited! I just love HIPPIE, it’s just everything in one big package that’s I’ve been looking for for years. I love what you do. I love that fact that HIPPIE is about ‘we do things differently’, but more importantly you do things authentically and safely, and that to me is top key. I absolutely love that!” - Katherine, Commune Member

Being the change…

“I love it here, honestly, I’ve changed so much since joining!” - Marie, Commune member

So much more than shopping…

“HIPPIE is a place like home. Somewhere that makes you feel welcome, a feeling of being among family. Supported and safe in the knowledge that your purchases are ethically sourced, fairly traded, supporting charities and planting trees. Being a part of the movement and being 'that' person to make a difference in the world, within a group of like minded souls that share the same vision" it's truly a blessing” - Mandy, Commune member

Live the HIPPIE Life!

The HIPPIE Life encapsulates Freedom of Spirit and a Sense of Adventure. It stands for Health, Integrity, Peace, Positivity, Independence and Empowerment.©️