Collection: Amazonite

Welcome to our high vibing, happy store in the UK, Our carefully selected Amazonite crystals are known for their exceptional healing properties and positive energy alignment.

Explore our product category, featuring a wide range of options to meet your needs, such as chakra crystals, crystal bracelets, crystal necklaces, towers, crystal spheres, rough stones, tumble stones, and balancing crystals. Our crystal bracelets and necklaces allow you to carry the soothing energy of Amazonite with you throughout the day, while our towers and spheres serve as powerful tools for energy alignment and space cleansing. For a more raw and natural experience, our rough stones and tumble stones are perfect for personal meditation or crystal grids.

We take pride in offering ethically traded Amazonite crystals, ensuring that they are sourced responsibly while respecting the environment and the communities involved. By choosing our ethically traded Amazonite crystals, you contribute to a sustainable and conscious practice.

Experience the transformative power of Amazonite crystals. Shop our collection now and invite the calming and harmonizing energy of these ethically traded stones into your life.

Discover the perfect Amazonite crystal for your well-being and embrace the positive vibrations they bring.