Collection: Crystal Gemstone Chip Trees

Welcome to our enchanted forest world of Gemstone Crystal Chip Trees – where nature's artistry meets the magic of crystals! Our collection is a kaleidoscope of gemstone trees, each adorned with a multitude of genuine semi-precious crystals. Choose between Gemstone bases to enlarge the crystal properties, Orgonite bases radiating positive vibes and enhancing energies, exquisite Wooden bases for grounding and a touch of earthy elegance, or Agate bases for abundance and further symbolism

With multiple sizes, from mini crystal trees with 15 stones, to the larger trees displaying from  35 to 320 stones, each adds numerical symbolism and meaning as each crystal gemstone is intricately placed to bring balance and beauty to your space. These gems are not just decorations; they're energy allies.

Step into the grandeur of our Indian Gemstone Trees, a majestic display of craftsmanship featuring various stone combinations. Whether you're drawn to the soothing energy of Rose Quartz, the clarity of Clear Quartz, or the protective vibes of Black Agate, we have a tree for every soul.

Speaking of protection, our Larger Orgonite Trees are more than just stunning decor. They're energy harmonizers, blending the power of orgonite with the magic of semi-precious stones. Sodalite, Tigers Eye, Amethyst – take your pick and let the harmonious energy flow.

Our stone repertoire extends beyond the classics. From the nurturing Moss Agate to the vibrant Carnelian, and the intriguing Mixed Stone Trees, we invite you to explore the diverse energies each crystal brings.

Indulge in the beauty of nature and the mystique of crystals with our Gemstone Crystal Chip Trees. Whether adorning your sacred space or gifting a loved one, these trees are a testament to the enchantment found in every crystal branch. Immerse yourself in the magic – your journey into crystal wonder awaits!