Collection: Himalayan Salt

Pink, white and grey Himalayan salt lamps and braziers, salt lamp bulbs, salt rocks for lamps, salt products for health, baskets and spares. Himalayan salt naturally absorbs moisture from the air, along with toxins, pollutants and yeast spores that exist there. Applying warmth in the form of a lightbulb or candle allows the moisture to evaporate back into the atmosphere, whilst the microbes remain trapped within the salt crystals. This process cleanses the air, around you, as the soothing glow from the light provides comfort and relaxation. Himalayan salt lamps should be left switched on when ever possible, for the lamp to continuously cycle air and moisture in the room. If left switched off and cool, you may notice liquid and salt pooling at the bottom of the lamp as the absorbed water is released without the aid of warmth. This is called weeping and is a natural phenomenon. Always place your salt lamps on a suitable, water resistant surface, and if going away or planning to leave the lamp switched off for a while, wrap in cellophane immediately after a period of being on in order to reduce the amount of weeping. Remove the bulb and electronic components if possible too.