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Welcome to our HIPPIE Love collection - Explore our diverse range of products that celebrate the universal language of love.  Our collection offers a unique combination of items that are thoughtfully crafted with intricate love and heart designs, themes and patterns.  Our heart shaped healing crystals radiate beauty and offer unique energetic properties that can help promote love, harmony, and emotional well-being.  Ethically sourced healing crystals serve as meaningful tools for growth and transformation, perfect gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, or as a token of appreciation for someone special. Our love themed jewellery pieces capture the essence of love and serve as a beautiful symbol of connection and devotion. Our love heart jewellery make wonderful gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, or special occasions like Valentine's Day. They are meaningful tokens of love that will be cherished for years to come.

Create a warm and loving atmosphere in your home with our love and heart-themed home decorations and accessories  including wall hangings, ornaments, incense burners and more,  Place them them in your living room or bedroom to create a soothing atmosphere that promotes relaxation and tranquillity, or even your office to infuse the environment with positive energy and a sense of love.  Our items are ethically sourced and fairly traded, featuring enchanting love heart designs and patterns that serve as a reminder of the power of love to connect and uplift. Whether you're seeking to attract love, enhance self-love, or deepen the connection in your relationships, these treasures also make perfect wedding gifts, housewarming presents, or thoughtful gestures of your love and appreciation. for friends and loved ones.

The meaning of the love heart symbol...

While the spiritual meaning of the heart symbol varies across cultures, common themes include love, compassion, divine connection, and the essence of the human spirit. The heart serves as a reminder of our capacity for love, empathy, and the interconnectedness of all living beings. It encourages individuals to cultivate love, kindness, and compassion in their lives, fostering a deeper connection with oneself, others, and the divine. There are many diverse interpretations and spiritual significance of the heart symbol across different cultures, including...

The love heart in ancient Egyptian culture:

the centre of a person's being and the seat of the soul,

the source of emotions, thoughts, and the essence of life itself

love, compassion, and the interconnectedness of all living beings,

associated with the afterlife, where the heart was weighed against the feather of Ma'at to determine one's moral purity.

The love heart in Hinduism:

the dwelling place of the divine,

representing the seat of the soul and the source of divine love,

the abode of Lord Krishna, considered the embodiment of love and devotion,

symbolises the path of BhaHinduism, kti, the devotional practice to cultivate connection with the divine.

The love heart in Buddhism:

symbolizes compassion, known as "metta" or loving-kindness,

the seat of compassion and the source of unconditional love towards all beings,

cultivating compassion and empathy is often centred around the heart,

symbolises the awakening of the compassionate nature within oneself.

The love heart in Christianity:

symbolises divine love,

represents the love of God and the love that believers are called to express towards others,

The Sacred Heart of Jesus symbol represents the compassionate and selfless love of Christ for humanity,

divine mercy, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

The love heart in Chinese culture:

known as "xin" ,

represents emotions, love, and the seat of the mind and spirit,

associated with the concept of "Xin Xiang," which refers to the sincerity and authenticity of one's heart,

symbolises the connection between one's innermost thoughts, intentions, and emotions.

The love heart In Native American traditions:

spiritual balance and harmony,

the connection between the physical and spiritual realms.

The love heart in Celtic culture:



interconnectedness of all things.

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