Collection: Organic Essential Oils & Quality Aromatherapy Products

Our HIPPIE Organic Essential Oil bottles contain organic essential oils that are Soil Association Organic certified, EU food grade certified*, GC/MS*Therapeutic standard,  and manufactured and bottled by members of the Aromatherapy Trade Council. 

Our Professional quality aromatherapy products are packed full of high quality essential oils to help you embrace their beauty and synergy with ease!

*Internal use of essential oils at home is NOT recommended by UK professionally qualified and insured aromatherapists or by the ATC and it’s members. This is due to the risks of internal use of such high potency oils outweighing the benefits of internal use, and high quality meaning benefits are easily achieved via absorption through the skin rendering internal use unnecessary.

**Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry tested


Organic essential oils and professional therapy standard aromatherapy products from the UK