Collection: Owls

Welcome to our enchanting collection of owl-themed treasures, where wisdom and beauty converge. Discover a world of owl ornaments, incense and oil burners, accessories, wind chimes, woodcarvings, and more. Each item is thoughtfully designed to capture the spirit of these majestic creatures, making them the perfect gifts for teachers, owl enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates the wisdom and wonder of wildlife.

The Meaning of the Owl Symbol:
Owls have long been associated with wisdom, intuition, and knowledge across various cultures. In many ancient traditions, the owl is seen as a symbol of insight, intelligence, and foresight. Representing the ability to see beyond the surface and navigate through darkness, the owl serves as a reminder to trust our inner wisdom and embrace the mysteries of life. Owls are also often associated with teaching, making them an ideal symbol for educators and mentors.

Owl Ornaments:
Our owl ornaments are meticulously crafted, capturing the beauty and grace of these magnificent creatures. Whether adorning your Christmas tree or adding a touch of whimsy to your home decor, these wise owl ornaments make delightful gifts for teachers, graduations, or any occasion where knowledge and wisdom are celebrated.

Owl Incense and Oil Burners:
Immerse yourself in the soothing scents of nature with our owl incense and oil burners. These beautiful and functional pieces not only add a touch of charm to your space but also create a serene ambiance. Perfect for relaxation, meditation, or simply enjoying the aromatic benefits of essential oils, these owl-themed burners make thoughtful gifts for those seeking tranquility and mindfulness.

Owl Accessories:
Express your love for owls with our range of owl accessories. From stylish owl-themed jewelry to fashion accessories, these pieces are designed to add a touch of whimsy to your everyday life. Our owl accessories also make great gifts for teachers, as a token of appreciation for their wisdom and guidance.

Owl Wind Chimes:
Bring the soothing sounds of nature into your outdoor space with our owl wind chimes. Crafted with attention to detail, these chimes create a harmonious melody as they sway in the breeze. Whether hung on a porch, garden, or balcony, these owl wind chimes make unique gifts for nature lovers and those who appreciate the beauty of wildlife.

Owl Woodcarvings:
Experience the craftsmanship and artistry of our owl woodcarvings. Each piece is intricately carved, showcasing the natural beauty of wood and the spirit of owls. These woodcarvings make wonderful gifts for nature enthusiasts, housewarmings, or as a symbol of wisdom and protection.

Explore our captivating collection of owl-themed treasures, thoughtfully curated to celebrate the wisdom and beauty of these magnificent creatures. From owl ornaments and incense burners to accessories, wind chimes, and woodcarvings, each item is designed to evoke a sense of wonder and connection with nature. Perfect for teachers, wildlife enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates the wisdom of owls, our owl-themed items make meaningful gifts for birthdays, graduations, or as a symbol of inspiration and guidance.

Spiritual Meaning of Owls Across Different Cultures:

In western culture, the Owl often symbolises wisdom and learning, and is frequently pictured on gifts for teachers, yet across cultures there is a mixture of meanings, often associated with spiritual symbolism. The spiritual meaning of owls differs across different cultures: 

Ancient Greece:

  • Athena
  • wisdom
  • knowledge
  • strategy
  • intelligence
  • seeing through darkness
  • perceiving hidden truths
  • intellectual and cultural prowess

Native American Cultures:

  • messengers
  • protectors of the soul
  • guides between life and death
  • darkness
  • death
  • sorcery
  • witchcraft
  • misfortune
  • spirits of deceased ancestors

Egyptian Mythology:

  • Mwt
  • guardians of the underworld
  • protectors of the deceased
  • hieroglyph ("m") used for words related to death and mourning 

Chinese Culture:

  • transition
  • change
  • honour and respect one's elders and ancestors
  • sense impending danger
  • protection

Celtic Mythology:

  • guardians of the underworld
  • protectors of the souls of the departed
  • Cailleach
  • death
  • rebirth
  • transformation
  • wisdom
  • knowledge
  • navigation between physical and spiritual realms

Roman Beliefs:

  • darkness
  • foreboding impending death or disaster
  • bad luck

Inuit Culture:

  • spirit guides
  • messengers
  • spiritual guidance
  • wisdom
  • intuition
  • trusting instincts
  • spiritual guidance

: Understanding these cultural perspectives helps us appreciate the rich symbolism and deep-rooted connections humans have forged with owls throughout history and helps us select owl items wisely when buying gifts for teachers gifts for nature and wildlife lovers, or other people who love owls!

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