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  • Learning Crystals with HIPPIE

    Learn about the traditional properties and benefits on individual crystal types, the art of crystal healing, the correct methods of crystal care and the folk uses of crystals too!

    Learn about Crystals 
  • Learning Energetics with HIPPIE

    Learn about how energy effects chakras and meridian, how to use vibrational frequency as part of your holistic path, how quantum theory effects our understanding of our bodies

    Learn about Energetics 
  • Learning Homeopathy with HIPPIE

    Learn about the traditional uses of individual remedies, the belief systems that govern homeopathy, how homeopathic principles are applied to flower remedies and gem remedies and much more!

    Learn about Homeopathy 
  • Learn Essential Oils with TSNR

    Learn the safe and effective use of essential oils and aromatherapy. From the traditional uses and benefits of individual oils types, to the blending and creating of synergies and home made products to use on self and home!

    Learn about Oils 
  • Learning Herbs with TSNR

    Learn the safe and effective use of herbs including for to make your own remedies, how to grow medicinal plants and the traditional and folk uses and benefits of individual apothecary plants.

    Learn about Herbs 
  • Learning Supplements with TSNR

    Learn how to use nutrition and superfoods, understand how vitamins and minerals work in the body, and how to use supplements safely and effectively to enhance health and wellness.

    Learn about Supplements 
  • Learn about Ranges

    Learn about this history and origins of various equipment and tools used for spiritual and holistic lifestyle and energetic healing.

    Learn about Ranges 
  • Learn about Themes

    Learn about the meanings and traditional symbolism of popular imagery. Understand how purposeful placement can influence us , and how incorporating popular icons, signs and images can bring about change.

    Learn about Themes 
  • Learn about Topics

    Learn about topic such as wellness issues and current affairs, how to implement lifestyle changes, and positive psychology amongst many other popular self-help topics such as mental health, fitness, motivation and health care.

    Learn about Topics 

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