Corporate Partnerships

HIPPIE ltd is looking to work with employers who are aware of the increasing need to support the wellness of their employees, for employee retention, productivity and reduced HR costs associated with sickness absence.

Employer Benefits:

We offer a FREE corporate affiliation scheme, where 10% of all sales made via a company's individual referral link is paid back to the company, who can then invest this commission in wellness activities or classes locally for the staff.

A free corporate wellness planning roadmap is provided to help employers devise their own wellness action plan, or review and perhaps enhance, any such existing schemes and to decide best how to spend their HIPPIE fund!

Employee Benefits:

In addition to this, employees also receive a 10% off, site-wide discount code, and have the option to join our referral scheme, where points collected are redeemed for holistic healing and wellness products, including crystals, supplements, essential oils and self care products, which come with additional zoom classes on the related topic to empower people to take control of their own wellness. (visit for details) 

Why is it free? How Does HIPPIE Benefit?

HIPPIE is less than a year old, started with no savings or investors and with a tiny marketing budget. With a strong brand identity and creation story around the importance of looking after our own health and wellness, particularly whilst under stress in the work place, who better to share it with than those most invested in employee wellness... you!

All we ask is that you report how you have been actively promoting the scheme on a monthly basis so we are not forgotten and left on a desk after a single newsletter mention. Don't worry, its a 5 minute task only, as we appreciate how valuable your time really is!

Protecting Your Workforce

With the lockdown still not a distant memory, and the cost of living crisis and concerns around war, meeting longer NHS waiting times, a melting pot has been created for ill physical and metal health. I don't believe the fullness of such pressure has yet revealed itself. 

Government policies around getting more people from benefits into employment also mean that we are more likely to be working alongside those that have additional health challenges. Increasing pension ages mean that your average employee age will also begin to rise, with increases seen in age related health conditions and a greater need for awareness in areas such as menopause management and prostrate health. The current trending push towards diversity and inclusion as migration increases also means it is possible that wellness becomes lost as we move further away from the memories of COVID-19...

... more pressure.

... more additional health challenges.

... difficulties accessing urgent NHS health services.

... an aging workforce.

... less focus on health and wellness.

By taking action now, you will be strategically positioned to face these challenges in your business before they happen, not react to them as recruitment and sickness absence costs rise.

There is literally nothing to lose! Its FREE!

You win, your employees win, HIPPIE grows! 

(and it's so much more fun than a gym membership)

Email Victoria at to discuss your corporate partnership!