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Buy This Exact Dark Strawberry Calcite Hex A

Buy This Exact Dark Strawberry Calcite Hex A

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7.5cm tall and around 2.5 cm wide, this hexagon features three distinct white calcite inclusions and  plenty of mottling to keep the eyes busy.

comes with info sheet and bag

Strawberry Calcite is a warm joyful stone, known for emotion healing. It does this by utilising the typical calcite property of connecting you to your intuition, and combines this with an ability to help clear emotional blockages. It brings positive energy as it does this, elevating and uplifting you, and helps you connect to youthful, exuberant energies as well as happy, childhood memories. Clearing emotional blockages, it elevates the spirit, and is believed to have a positive effect on low mood.

Strawberry Calcite resonates with the Heart Chakra and is frequently referred to as a heart healer. It is believed to help strengthen compassion for both self and others, helping to embrace love and new possibilities. Yet it also grounds, due to it's connection with the Root Chakra, creating a healthy balance between fantasy and reality.

Strawberry Calcite enhances creative energy. Combined with enhancing willpower and productivity, this could help you make your dreams come true! This stone helps reveal your true desires and brings a strong passion for what you really want in life,

Strawberry Calcite is often confused with Strawberry Quartz, yet the two are easily told apart. Strawberry Quartz is translucent and usually sparkles, where as the Calcite is more solid, with opaqueness where there are white inclusions. Colours range from a dark, almost purple brown shade, to a pale pink. It gets it's name from the spotty, strawberry seed like markings that are often present.

Awakening motivation and willpower, it is a potent energy cleanser, helping to get rid of any lazy, unproductive tendencies. It infuses the environment with positive energy. Strawberry Calcite is a stone for memory and making positive decisions and thought to boost the libido too.


  • confidence
  • joy
  • compassion
  • low mood
  • willpower
  • productivity
  • sexuality
  • heartbreak
  • vitality
  • reproductive system
  • fatigue
  • arthritis
  • lower back
  • stomach ache
  • heart and chest
  • libido
  • heart chakra
  • root Chakra
  • intuition development
  • fire element
  • grounding
  • awakening inner child
  • clearing
  • energetic blockage movement
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