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Commune Members Only - Your Gateway To Natural Remedies!

Commune Members Only - Your Gateway To Natural Remedies!

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Access your vibrant, fun, and interactive course by purchasing this item. This course will make sure you understand how and why it is important to make safe and effective recommendations to customers when sharing your affiliate link and how you can help them select fabulous products whilst remaining true to The Safer Nature Revolution Values!

If you want to learn about herbals, supplements and essential oils, you have arrived int the right place! Yet we do not profit from this incredible course!  Your £5 payment goes directly to hosting costs on the EdApp Learning Platform, where you will find your course and  can enjoy learning on mobile, tablet, or where ever you fancy! 

You will have 14 days to complete your course after which time it will not be accessible for completion. This is to make sure you access your affiliate link with full enthusiasm as you will receive your affiliate link and back office GoAffPro approval once you complete this course.  Please note: As this is a digital product with instant access, it is non-refundable, whether you complete it or not, so do make the most of this incredible resource and prepare to dive straight in!

What you will learn:

  • A brief history of natural remedies
  • Understanding Legal Requirements and Health Claims
  • Understanding the Mechanisms of Danger
  • MLM Concerns
  • Understanding the Role of Nutrition in Achieving Optimal Health
  • Understanding Macro and Micronutrient Requirements
  • Understanding the Need for Food Supplements and Nutritional Changes
  • Understanding the Gut Microbiome and its Impact
  • Understanding the Importance of Multi-Vitamin and Mineral, Omega 3, and Probiotic Supplements
  • Exploring the Benefits and Limitations
  • Understanding How Herbal Remedies Work
  • Natural Health Movements
  • Quick Fix Culture
  • Information Gathering
  • Supporting Customers' Health and Wellness
  • Key Supplements for Plant-Based Diets
  • Exploring the Benefits of Food Supplements
  • Key Supplements for Muscle Growth
  • Essential Nutrients and Herbs for Menstruation
  • Supporting Women's Health During Menopause
  • Essential Food Supplements for Maturing Men
  • Boosting Your Immune System Naturally
  • Supporting Your Heart Naturally
  • Introduction to Bone and Joint Health
  • Exploring Natural Solutions for Stress Relief
  • Exploring Key Nutrients and Herbal Remedies for Tiredness and Fatigue
  • Managing Low Mood
  • Essential Elements for Beauty from Within
  • Understanding How Essential Oils Enter the Bloodstream
  • Understanding the complexities of essential oil use
  • Understanding the Risks and Safe Alternatives
  • A Safe and Effective Approach to Using Essential Oils
  • Navigating the Safe Use of Essential Oils
  • Exploring the Therapeutic Benefits of Essential Oils
  • Discovering the Beauty of Natural Oils

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