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Copal Sage Herbal Smudge - 10cm

Copal Sage Herbal Smudge - 10cm

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This fairly traded Copal Sage Herbal Smudge - 10cm contains a revered resin aroma traditionally used in Mesoamerican cultures for smudging rituals. When burned, the smoke purifies and cleanses the surrounding area, making the fair trade smudge stick ideal for personal use or as a gift. Copal is renowned for its ability to rid negative energy from your environment, and its calming properties make it a valuable addition to meditation or mindfulness practices. This eco-friendly alternative to chemical sprays and air fresheners is perfect for cleansing your home, office, or personal space. Embrace the ancient tradition of smudging with our premium Smudge Stick.

Use: Only use on non-porous and heat resistant surfaces. Do not place on painted or polished surfaces. Only use on a flat and stable surface. Never leave unattended. Dispose of contents/container to approved disposal site, in accordance with local regulations.

Length: 10cm x 2cm

Weight: 18g ℮

Origin: Malga, Mexico

Ingredients: Sage


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