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Tisserand Ethically Harvested Coriander essential oil - 9 ml

Tisserand Ethically Harvested Coriander essential oil - 9 ml

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Key Properties: 

  • Soothing digestive complaints
  • Boosts circulation
  • Viral Infection recovery
  • Warming and calming
  • Mental exhaustion,
  • nervous tension.

Ingredients: 100% Coriandrum sativum (coriander) oil

More Details

Extraction Method: Steam distillation

Plant Part: Seeds

Aroma: Sweet, spicy and calming

Fragrance Family: Spicy

Perfumery Note: Top to Middle

Consistency and Colour: Thin and col-ourless to pale yellow

Shelf Life: Once opened, store in a cool dark place and use within 12 months.

Please do not use without consulting a qualified aromatherapist if:

  •  You have any diagnosed health condition,
  • You take any medications (prescription or over the counter),
  • You plan to use the oil on or around children,
  • You plan to use the oil in the same room as pets

This is because certain essential oils should not be used in some of the circumstances listed above and you may need to choose a different essential oil for you circumstances to keep you and your loved ones safe.

 No essential oils should be taken internally, regardless of quality

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