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Divine Tea Time Inspiration Cards

Divine Tea Time Inspiration Cards

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Tea drinking is about how it makes you feel! It can be uplifting, soothing, cleansing, calming and so much more. Dive into how water and a few ingredients can become a new delicious ritual for your daily life. 

This series of stunning, watercolour cards are designed to provide a gentle and profound experience of tea making while also offering accompanying affirmations to help further enrich your life. It is broken down into 4 chapters - herb, flower, fruit, spice - each including 10 different tea recipes and a beautiful card opener for each section.

The front of each card has a unique tea illustration and the back includes a simple recipe with a corresponding aspiration. The simple recipes are an excellent starting point for home tea-brewers, and the charming pamphlet works to immerse experienced home tea-brewers with further insight and understanding as to how to infuse herbs, flowers, fruits, and spices.

Readers are able to choose a card that embodies an emotion they would like to heal or enhance. The ritual of tea making in
Divine Tea Time provides a meditative channel and timeless tool to awaken your consciousness, heal your soul, and kickstart your energy levels.

This beautiful card deck makes a perfect gift or a treat for any tea lover and includes a wooden card stand.


Using the Divine Tea Time Inspiration Cards

Tea making is quite simple, you only need two ingredients to start, just pick a handful of mint from the garden, wash and place it in a glass, add boiled water, let it brew for a few minutes and you have a refreshing drink.

Mixing your own recipes of flowers, spices and herbs can become a calming time during the day when you focus on preparing a special tea, gathering ingredients, letting the water boil and then enjoying what you created. It could be a cool, refreshing summer tea or a medicinal warming drink when you are feeling low and needing a pick-me-up.

This deck can be used as an inspirational set of tea recipes to enjoy, and hopefully it will start many people experimenting with what’s in their garden and fridge and coming up with new mixes and flavours.

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