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Dreaming Of Roses Infusion Blend - 100g

Dreaming Of Roses Infusion Blend - 100g

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Dreaming of Roses is a very elegant and delicate blend of high-quality Pai Mu Tan with marvellous fruity and exotic rose petals. delicious and refreshing with a delightful aroma, this tea is nicely aromatic and flavourful but not overpowering. The white tea’s subtle taste is complemented and enhanced by the rose petals.

Pai Mu Tan Tea, also known as Bai Mudan or White Peony Tea, is a traditional Chinese tea that has been enjoyed for centuries. It is made from the leaves and buds of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis.

Pai Mu Tan Tea has a delicate and subtle flavor profile. It is characterised by a smooth and mellow taste with a hint of sweetness. The tea has a light-bodied and refreshing nature, often described as floral and slightly nutty. The aroma of Pai Mu Tan Tea is fragrant and pleasant. It carries a subtle floral scent, reminiscent of blooming flowers, with a touch of natural sweetness. The aroma adds to the overall experience of drinking this tea.

Pai Mu Tan Tea is believed to have several traditional health benefits. It is known for its high antioxidant content, which is said to promote overall well-being. Additionally, it is considered to be low in caffeine, making it a good choice for those who are sensitive to the stimulant or wanting an evening beverage 

Overall, Pai Mu Tan Tea offers a delightful taste, captivating aroma, and a range of potential health benefits, making it a popular choice among tea enthusiasts.

Rose petals have been used traditionally in teas for their aromatic and therapeutic properties. They are commonly added to teas for their delicate flavor, pleasant aroma, and potential health benefits.

When added to teas, rose petals provide a subtle, floral flavor. The taste is often described as light, sweet, and slightly tangy. The flavor profile can vary depending on the type of rose used, but it generally adds a gentle and refreshing note to the tea. Rose petals bring a delightful and distinct aroma to teas. The scent is floral, romantic, and soothing.

Rose petals are believed to offer a range of traditional health benefits. They are often used in herbal medicine for their potential calming and mood-enhancing properties. Rose tea is traditionally thought to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve sleep quality, and in many cultures, roses are associated with love, beauty, and spiritual well-being. Drinking rose petal tea can be a way to connect with these symbolic meanings and enhance one's sense of inner harmony.

Ingredients: White Tea (Pai Mu Tan 95%), rose petals (5%), natural rose flavouring.

Brewing temperature: 80C

infuse/brew time:  2 to 3 minutes.

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