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Get Well Wishes Healing Crystal Pack

Get Well Wishes Healing Crystal Pack

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Our new HIPPIE Ltd crystal packs come in a beautiful black velveteen pouch, stamped with our logo and come with an information sheet to help you get to know your crystals and how to get the best from them.

This crystal pack brings together all of the crystals that are said in folklore to improve recovery rates from illness

This pack includes 1 x Clear Quartz Tumblestone, 1 x Bloodstone Tumblestone, 1 x Emerald Tumblestone, and 1 x Red Jasper Tumblestone and 1 x Unakite Tumblestone Clear Quartz is the go to crystal when looking for healing, as it is known as "The Master Healer". This crystal is so versatile, that not only can it support physical, mental and emotional healing, it also amplifies the powers of the other crystals in this pack

To learn about the traditional and folk properties of Bloodstone, visit our blog:
Bloodstone (Heliotrope) - Properties, benefits, uses, meanings, associ – HIPPIE Life UK

Emerald is included as it is used in traditional healing practices in sessions around recovery from infectious illnesses and bringing a rejuvenating energy to the body, and helping people recover your get up and go quickly when recuperating  

Red Jasper is used in traditional healing practices in sessions around the circulatory system and reducing the affects of exhaustion, which therapy clients often feel as their body fights off infection. (This crystal is also used in sessions around supporting the regrowth of muscle and sports injuries)

And finally Unakite is a good stone if you have been suffering for sometime and cant seem to shake off the feeling of being unwell. A stone that is known to support normal day to day life and activities, Unakite is included as it supports the body as it regains strength

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