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The Confidence Creating Healing Crystal Pack

The Confidence Creating Healing Crystal Pack

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Our new HIPPIE Ltd crystal packs come in a beautiful black velveteen pouch, stamped with our logo and come with an information sheet to help you get to know your crystals and how to get the best from them.

This pack includes 1 x Rough Orange Calcite, 1 x Gold Tigers Eye Tumblestone, 1 x Carnelian Tumblestone, and 1 x Sunstone Tumblestone

Orange Calcite is included here in its raw format as this is one of our favourite stones for confidence. This crystal balances the sacral chakra as when this is unbalanced, often leads to feelings of doubt. This crystal stimulates positive vibrations throughout and is great for overcoming shyness

For further information on Tigers Eye healing crystal, visit our blog here: 

Tigers Eye - Healing Crystal Benefits, Properties and Applications – HIPPIE Life UK

Learn about the traditional and folk uses of Carnelian healing crystals in our blog:
Carnelian - Uses, Meanings, Applications, Benefits and Properties – HIPPIE Life UK

And finally we have included Sunstone as this is a crystal that enables personal power, using the energies of the Sun. It is a stone that nurtures inner strength and mental toughness as well as giving your willpower a significant boost


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