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Hexagonal Crystal Healing Wand - 12cm - Rose Quartz

Hexagonal Crystal Healing Wand - 12cm - Rose Quartz

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Unlock the transformative power of energy healing with our Hexagonal Crystal Healing Wand crafted from exquisite Rose Quartz. This meticulously designed wand, standing at 12cm, is more than just a beautiful accessory – it's a conduit for purifying, energizing, and harmonizing the subtle energies within and around you. The hexagonal shape of this Crystal Healing Wand plays a pivotal role in enhancing vibrational frequency and energy flow. The six-sided structure aligns with sacred geometry principles, promoting balanced and harmonious energy exchange. Imbued with the gentle yet potent energy of Rose Quartz, known as the stone of love, this wand brings compassion, emotional healing, and unconditional love into your energy healing practices.

Whether you're a seasoned energy healer or a novice exploring the realms of meditation, this wand assists in moving energy within the body more effectively. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling during meditation and energy work. Each Crystal Healing Wand is a genuine handmade product, meticulously crafted and imported from India. The attention to detail ensures a unique and authentic tool for your energy healing journey.

The hexagonal shape, derived from sacred geometry, is known for its harmonizing properties. It resonates with the patterns found in nature, promoting a sense of balance and unity in energy flow. Rose Quartz, with its gentle pink hue, aligns with the heart chakra. It is renowned for fostering love, compassion, and emotional healing. Integrating Rose Quartz into energy healing practices can enhance the overall vibrational frequency. Designed for comfort during meditation, the wand becomes an extension of your intentions. The hexagonal shape allows for a secure grip, enabling you to focus on your energy work without distraction. The authenticity of a handmade product adds a personal touch to your healing tools. Crafted in India, these wands carry the essence of ancient traditions, making them a valuable asset in your energy healing toolkit.

Before each session, set a clear intention for your energy work. Hold the wand comfortably during meditation to amplify your energetic connection.  Use the wand to guide and move energy within and around the body. Embark on a profound journey of energy healing with our Hexagonal Crystal Healing Wand. Let the harmonizing properties of sacred geometry and the loving energy of Rose Quartz elevate your spiritual practices. Each wand is not just a tool but a conduit for transformation, inviting you to delve deeper into the realms of energy and self-discovery.

Learn about the traditional spiritual and energetic uses of Rose Quartz here: 
Origin  India
Net weight 0,12Kg /Wand
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Dimensions 12x2x2 (cm), 0,048L, 2,5Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients Silver Plated, Gemstones
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