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HIPPIE Crystal Healer: Level 2 - Exploring Crystal Prescriptions - Prescriber

HIPPIE Crystal Healer: Level 2 - Exploring Crystal Prescriptions - Prescriber

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Unleash the transformative power of crystals with our HIPPIE  Crystal Healer Level 2 course - an immersive and vibrant online experience designed for mobile use, building on the foundational knowledge of the level 1 course as it delves into the art of prescribing crystals for various common ailments, providing a comprehensive exploration of crystal healing.

Course Highlights:

1. Crystal-Chakra Connection:

- Gain a deep understanding of the intricate connection between crystals and chakras, learning how to harness their energy for holistic healing.

2. Innovative Approaches:

- Explore unique perspectives by working with crystals based on zodiac signs and elemental influences, unlocking diverse therapeutic possibilities.

3. Holistic Healing Lessons:

Delve into specialized lessons covering a spectrum of ailments:
- Balance and Calm
- Depression and Uplifting Energy
- Brain Power
- Restful Sleep
- Digestive Health
- Female-specific Concerns
- Heart and Circulatory Healing
- Lung Health
- Skeletal and Joint Disorders
- Cold and Flu
- Detox and Weight Loss
- Pain Management
- Healing from Loss
- Men's Health
- Grounding and Protection
- Spiritual Connection

4. Crystal Encyclopedia:

- Embark on an A to Z learning journey, exploring 81 individual crystals, their unique properties, benefits, and practical applications for healing.

5. Practical Application:

- Discover diverse ways to use crystals and considerations for tailored recommendations, ensuring their effective integration into daily life.

6. Individualized Healing:

- Learn how to understand individual needs, tailor crystal recommendations, and address specific goals, fostering personalized healing experiences.

7. Crystal Type Dynamics:

- Understand indicators for crystal type changes, refining your ability to adapt recommendations based on evolving healing requirements.

8. Final Assignment:

- Apply your newfound knowledge through a final assignment, showcasing your proficiency in crystal healing practices.


Why Choose HIPPIE  Crystal Healer: Level 2

- Advanced Knowledge: Elevate your crystal healing expertise with in-depth lessons on specific ailments and innovative approaches.

- Mobile-Friendly: Enjoy the flexibility of learning on the go with our mobile-optimized course platform.

- Interactive Experience: Immerse yourself in a vibrant and interactive learning environment, enhancing engagement and comprehension.

- A Comprehensive Crystal Encyclopedia: Master the properties and applications of 81 crystals, expanding your repertoire for healing recommendations.


Ignite Your Crystal Healing Journey:


Enrol in Level 2 Crystal Healer today and unlock the secrets of prescribing and using crystals for various common ailments. Embrace the vibrancy of our interactive online course, designed to deepen your understanding and proficiency in the art of crystal healing. Elevate your skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and embark on a transformative journey of holistic well-being.

  1. Understanding the Connection between Crystals and Chakras
  2. Choosing to Work with a Zodiac Approach
  3. Choosing to Work with an Elemental Approach
  4. Exploring Crystals for Balance and Calm
  5. Exploring Crystals for Depression and Uplifting Energy
  6. Exploring Brain Power Crystals
  7. Exploring Crystals for a Restful Night
  8. Exploring Crystals for Healing Digestive Issues
  9. Exploring Crystals for Female-specific Health Concerns
  10. Exploring Crystals for Heart and Circulatory Healing
  11. Exploring Crystal Healing for the Lungs
  12. Exploring Crystal Healing for Skeletal System and Joint Disorders
  13. Exploring Crystals for Cold and Flu
  14. Exploring Crystals for Detox and Weight Loss
  15. Exploring Crystals for Pain
  16. Exploring Help Healing from Loss
  17. Exploring Healing for Men's Health
  18. Exploring Crystals for Grounding and Protection
  19. Exploring Crystals for Spiritual Connection
  20. A to Z Learning of 81 individual crystals, their properties, and their applications.
  21. Different Ways to Use Crystals and Considerations for Recommendations
  22. Understanding Individual Needs, Tailoring Recommendations, and Addressing Specific Goals
  23. Understanding the Indicators for Crystal Type Changes
  24. Final Assignment

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