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Large Elephant Head - Gold & Whitewash

Large Elephant Head - Gold & Whitewash

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Introducing our exquisite Hand Carved Elephant Head, a captivating piece that embodies noble qualities such as wisdom, courage, stature, and strength. Each elephant is meticulously crafted from sustainable Albesia wood, sourced from the lush forests of Indonesia, where it thrives abundantly.

With a delicate touch of white and turquoise hues, adorned with a subtle golden glitter, these Hand Carved Elephants radiate a timeless charm that transports the essence of Bali into any space. As each piece is created by hand, slight variations in color, design, and dimensions add a unique touch, making it a truly one-of-a-kind collectible.

Embrace the allure of these ornamental elephants, believed to bring good luck, making them an ideal gift for elephant lovers and those who appreciate the artistry involved in their creation. Their presence evokes an old-world ambiance while infusing any room with a touch of elegance.

Our Large Elephant Head, featuring a sophisticated Gold & Grey palette, showcases the expertise of Indonesian artisans. The intricate carvings and the fusion of colors exude both strength and grace, making it a symbol of cultural richness and artistic mastery.

Whether your decor style leans towards modern or classic, these wholesale elephant heads effortlessly blend with any aesthetic, adding a hint of exotic allure to your space. Let the artistry of Indonesia shine through with this distinctive decor choice that transcends fleeting trends.

Experience the magnificence of these Wooden Elephants and elevate your decor to new heights. Order now and bring the enchantment of Bali into your home.

Origin Indonesia
Net weight 0.8Kg /each
Shipping weight 0.9Kg
Dimensions 29x26 (cm)
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