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Love and Self Love Healing Crystal Set

Love and Self Love Healing Crystal Set

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Introducing our Love & Self-Healing Crystal Set - a delightful trio of healing stones carefully curated for their powerful attraction properties. This set includes three stones: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Rhodonite, each chosen for its unique ability to enhance love, strengthen relationships, and promote self-healing.

Rose Quartz, known as the stone of unconditional love, promotes confidence and self-worth. Its gentle energy encourages compassion, empathy, and forgiveness, fostering deep connections and harmonious relationships.

Amethyst, a stone of spiritual growth and protection, helps to strengthen relationships by promoting honesty, clarity, and understanding. It aids in communication and encourages emotional balance, making it an ideal stone for resolving conflicts and deepening connections with loved ones.

Rhodonite, a stone of healing and emotional recovery, stimulates compassion and clears away past emotional scars. It promotes self-love, forgiveness, and acceptance, allowing for inner growth and transformation.

Presented in a convenient drawstring bag for easy storage, our Love & Self-Healing Crystal Set also includes an informative insert card that provides insights and guidance on how to work with each crystal. This thoughtful and practical gift is perfect for anyone seeking extra care, whether it's for themselves or a loved one.

Love & Self-Healing Crystal Set - Attracting Love and Promoting Emotional Well-being
Discover the power of attraction with our Love & Self-Healing Crystal Set, featuring a trio of carefully selected healing stones. Immerse yourself in the nurturing energy of Rose Quartz, promoting confidence and self-worth. Strengthen your relationships with Amethyst, fostering honesty and emotional balance. Experience the transformative effects of Rhodonite, stimulating compassion and clearing past emotional scars. Presented in a convenient drawstring bag, this crystal set is accompanied by an informative insert card, making it a thoughtful and practical gift for those seeking extra care. Enhance your emotional well-being and attract love with this enchanting crystal set.

H11.5cm x W9cm x D2.5cm


Learn about the traditional spiritual and energetic uses of Rose Quartz here: 
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