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Orgonite Obelisk Power Point Green Aventurine - 110x30 mm

Orgonite Obelisk Power Point Green Aventurine - 110x30 mm

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Elevate your spiritual journey with our Orgonite Obelisk Power Point featuring Green Aventurine, a powerful gemstone known for its transformative energy. Originating from India, this obelisk stands at 110x30 mm, weighing a harmonious 0.075 Kg. Crafted with precision, it incorporates Green Aventurine gemstones, resins, and metals sealed in crystal resin, ensuring a potent blend of positive vibrations.

Orgonite, recognized as a 'power flow' object, was invented to harness and amplify life force energy, often referred to as orgone or chi. The metal elements within play a crucial role, acting as conduits for energy flow. This Orgonite Obelisk is a synergy of Green Aventurine's soothing energy and the transformative power of orgonite.

Green Aventurine, a heart chakra stone, is celebrated for its healing properties. Traditionally believed to bring luck and prosperity, its energy is thought to enhance well-being. Disclaimer: The healing properties mentioned are rooted in traditional crystal healing theory for educational purposes only and should not replace professional advice.

The Metal arrangement within amplifies the harmonizing effects of the orgonite and Green Aventurine combination. Use this Orgonite Obelisk in meditation, energy work, or simply as an aesthetically pleasing addition to your space. With ethical sourcing and a commitment to esoteric well-being, it's a perfect alternative gift for those navigating the spiritual landscape. Embrace the transformative potential of orgonite and Green Aventurine, safeguarding your journey in a world filled with electromagnetic pollution. Explore our collection for a truly esoteric shopping experience at our UK natural health, spiritual store, and crystal shop.

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