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Polaris Chime Verdigris

Polaris Chime Verdigris

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This verdigris Polaris wind chime is made from genuine hardwood with a cherry wood and weather resistant finish with heavy duty coated nylon string, whilst the tubes are a special powder coated aluminium alloy that will not rust and come with a one-year warranty. The Polaris verdigris chime comes carefully packed in a lovely box making it an ideal gift. The chime is designed and handcrafted for superior musical performance. It is hand-tuned to a universal, pentatonic (five-note) scale and acts in concert with the wind to create random patterns of wonderful sound. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use these high quality chimes are relaxing and meditational. Named for the North Star, which marks Earth's celestial north pole, it is also part of three different constellations. Polaris is the end of the handle in The Little Dipper, part of Ursa Minor (the smaller bear) and it's the 'jewel' in a semicircle of stars that make up a constellation called "The Engagement Ring". Because Polaris appears to be motionless, it is used in navigation; if you are travelling in the Northern Hemisphere, finding Polaris means you know the way home. This wonderful wind chime hangs at approx. 55cm long.

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