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Selenite Sphere healing crystal 50mm

Selenite Sphere healing crystal 50mm

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Introducing the Selenite Sphere Healing Crystal: Embrace the Mystical Energies of the Moon Stone

Step into the enchanting world of healing crystals with our Selenite Sphere. Crafted from the mineral gypsum, this mesmerizing crystal is believed to possess extraordinary healing properties. Derived from the Greek word 'selenites,' meaning moon stone or moon rock, Selenite is revered for its celestial allure and captivating energy.

At approximately 50mm in size, our highly polished Selenite Sphere is a true marvel to behold. Whether displayed on our elegant egg stands or tucked away in our mini drawstring pouches, this ethereal crystal is perfect for both showcasing and safe storage. It also makes for a thoughtful and enchanting gift for your loved ones.

One of the unique qualities of spheres is their ability to emit energy equally in all directions. As you position the Selenite Sphere in your space, it effortlessly fills the environment with its natural energy, creating a harmonious and serene atmosphere. You can also use the sphere as a worry stone, carrying it with you throughout the day to benefit from its continuous energy flow. Simply hold or massage it in your hand, and experience the soothing sensation akin to solid stress balls.

Selenite Spheres are not only visually captivating but also hold a myriad of mystical uses. They are closely related to crystal balls, making them perfect for divination and scrying practices. Additionally, these spheres are widely used in massages and other alternative therapies to promote relaxation and balance.

In line with our commitment to ethically sourced products, our Selenite Sphere is a natural stone product, meaning each piece is unique. The shade and pattern may vary, adding to its individual charm and character.

Healing Properties of Selenite (based on traditional crystal healing theory only and for educational purposes):

• Cleanses and purifies energy fields
• Promotes mental clarity and focus
• Enhances spiritual growth and intuition
• Calms and soothes the mind, body, and spirit
• Provides protection against negative energies
• Facilitates emotional healing and stress relief

Indulge in the spiritual lifestyle and explore the transformative powers of our Selenite Sphere. Discover the wonders of healing crystals and unlock a world of serenity and balance.

Welcome to our UK natural health, spiritual store, and crystal shop, where you'll find a wide range of alternative gifts to nourish your soul. Embrace the magic of Selenite and embark on a journey of self-discovery and holistic well-being.

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