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Silver Angel Bell - Protection - 16mm

Silver Angel Bell - Protection - 16mm

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Introducing our exquisite Silver Angel Bell, handcrafted with utmost care and devotion on the sacred mountain Ubud, nestled in the spiritually rich Bali. Each bell is thoughtfully crafted and blessed, radiating grace and love. Its gentle chime creates a soothing melody, serving as a constant reminder of the ethereal presence of angels. By wearing this bell with an open heart and a touch of fortune, it may even attract the attention of celestial beings.

Truly a heartfelt gesture, gifting a Silver Angel Bell is an opportunity to share love and positivity. These bells are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, using Bali's celebrated 92.5 silver. The neck cords are adorned with silver accents and clasps, adding a touch of elegance. The bells themselves are a harmonious blend of balanced brass or ceramic and resin.

Embrace your inner angel and bestow this meaningful treasure upon a loved one. Experience the enchantment of our Silver Angel Bell, a divine gift that resonates with love and spirituality.

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