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Unakite Standing Point Healing Crystal

Unakite Standing Point Healing Crystal

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Introducing our Unakite Standing Point Healing Crystal – a must-have for anyone seeking to enhance their spiritual lifestyle and harness the power of healing crystals.

Unakite, with its captivating green-pink color and unique mottled appearance, is not only visually stunning but also holds incredible energetic properties. This stone of vision is renowned for its ability to balance emotions with spirituality, making it a valuable tool for those seeking inner harmony and clarity.

Our Unakite Standing Point is not just a beautiful decorative piece; it is a powerful tool for energy work and meditation. The hexagonal shape of this crystal point serves as a conduit for energy, allowing it to flow freely and harmoniously. When pointed away from the body, it draws out negative energy, clearing the aura and creating a sense of balance. When pointed inwards, it draws positive energy in, promoting a deeper connection with oneself and the spiritual realm.

But the benefits of our Unakite Standing Point don't stop there. This crystal is also known for its grounding properties, helping to anchor you to the present moment and providing stability during times of change. Whether you're a seasoned crystal enthusiast or just starting your spiritual journey, this essential crystal will aid you in your meditations, helping you achieve a deeper state of relaxation and focus.

At our UK natural health, spiritual store, and crystal shop, we take pride in offering ethically sourced crystals that are not only visually stunning but also hold powerful energetic properties. Each Unakite Standing Point is unique, varying slightly in size, shape, and color due to its natural nature. This ensures that you receive a one-of-a-kind crystal that is truly yours.

Now, let's delve into the healing properties of Unakite. Please note that these properties are based on traditional crystal healing theory only and are for educational purposes. They should not be taken as advice. Unakite is believed to:

• Promote emotional balance and harmony
• Enhance spiritual vision and intuition
• Aid in grounding and stability
• Assist in clearing energy blocks
• Open and align the chakras
• Support personal growth and transformation

Embrace the power of Unakite with our Unakite Standing Point Healing Crystal. Perfect for energy work, meditation, or as an alternative gift for your loved ones, this crystal is a valuable addition to any crystal collection. Elevate your spiritual lifestyle and experience the transformative energy of Unakite today.

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