Collection: Wooden Gifts and Décor

This collection of woodware products include Bamboo Gift Boxes, Bali Wooden Walking Sticks, Bamboo Displays, Puzzle boxes, Wooden coffee Signs and Sheesham style products. Made from fast growing, sustainable wood  in Asia, such as Suar Wood, Champa Wood, and Bamboo, or crafted from recycled and reused materials. Many products are made by small family businesses in villages and workshops all over India, Bali and Indonesia, and all are ethically traded, fairly traded, or certified Fair Trade. Feel good gifts for a positively charged home! Why not consider some of the handmade furniture to display your healing crystal collection too!

Natural sustainable wood, ethical, recycled or eco friendly too! Ideal alternative gifts and homeware. Ideas to display your healing crystals or other objects.

Did you know that the different wood types carry different spiritual meanings, intentions and influence, or energetic properties too?

Pine wood, celebrated for its fragrance and resilience, is associated with purification, resilience, and protective energies.

Oak, revered across cultures, embodies strength and endurance, serving as a grounding force in spiritual practices.

Walnut wood, with its rich history, is linked to grounding, protection, and wisdom.

Mahogany wood exudes strength and stability, enhancing focus in meditation.

Beech wood, rooted in ancient traditions, connects with higher realms, offering protection and tranquillity.

Cherry wood, with its warm hues, symbolises passion and vitality, fostering a harmonious link between physical and spiritual realms.

Sheesham wood, deeply rooted in Indian traditions, brings grounding energy and stability.

Mango wood, associated with abundance, prosperity, and spiritual nourishment, resonates with transformative energies.

Ash wood, steeped in mythology, enhances connection with higher realms, providing insight and protection.

Maple wood, symbolising balance and transformation, serves as a conduit for Earth's energies in spiritual practices.

Elm wood, known for its resilience and grounding properties, represents stability and endurance in the spiritual journey, acting as a timeless conduit for balancing energies.

Each wood, whether used in sacred rituals or crafted into spiritual tools, carries a nuanced and profound energy, inviting individuals to explore and connect with the deeper spiritual essence they embody.