About HIPPIE Ltd

The final straw came in a phone call…
...after months of running on adrenaline and caffeine, trying to save jobs and create new business models, I was no longer a head of department and my department was being absorbed. I had been disposed of. That night I drank wine and went to bed. In the morning I simply couldn’t get up. I had burnt out.
In those many months before I had put everyone ahead of myself. I had sacrificed sleep, breaks, relations with my children, my living conditions and my eating patterns and eventually, my mental health, for an organisation that waited until I had brought them through an immense change process and then disregarded me. I found myself in a place where I needed to feel peace, contentment and security in my now ever-changing world. I recognised I needed to surround myself in my natural health education materials, get back into my healthy habits and heal. You see, embarrassingly I had known better! This job had been a retail operations detour away from a career in natural health and wellness! 
Having already fought a significant mental health battle in 2004, leading me to win an ITV Pride Of Britain Award in 2007, I had used natural remedies and healing, to end up not only safely coming away from western medical practices, but exceeding all clinical and medical expectations as I had worked hard to excel at work, whilst formally qualifying in those areas I had gathered such knowledge and experience in, before beginning to practice as a therapist. Now, fiercely protective over my well-being, I knew I needed to bring myself quickly back to that balance of health.  I needed to get back to me again. 
Using the wisdom of nutritional and holistic therapy and herbalism, I did indeed recover my health quickly and far less dramatically this time, and whilst doing so I found my online communities had a dangerous problem!
I was surrounded by unqualified sellers of MLM essential oils, nutritional and herbal products, unknowingly making dangerous recommendations to fellow group members. Although clearly with good intentions and a desire to help their existing and potential customers, serious harm was being done. In one group, citrus essential oils were being recommended to cat owners that I knew could cause significant toxicity, and in another, two blood thinning herbs were recommended to a person who would likely be taking blood thinning prescription medications already!  With much appreciation and thanks in my DMs after correcting this advice, I may have even saved a few lives along the way. The Safer Nature Revolution Campaign had begun!
Taking to zoom, I delivered free classes on the safe and effective use of essential oils and herbal remedies and later, after a brief return to the workplace, I fully accepted the calling on my heart. I made the decision to develop The Safer Nature Revolution campaign into a fully holistic brand, including energetic healing, clothing, and home décor to enhance a spiritual lifestyle. HIPPIE also provides training opportunities to ensure that cost effective products are sold safely and effectively and that customers are empowered to begin their own learning journey…
HIPPIE stands for Health, Integrity, Peace, Positivity, Independence and Empowerment and the HIPPIE Lifestyle shop, Apothecary, Tool shed and Commune now await you, to help you to discover affordable ways to feel peace, contentment and security in an ever-changing world!
Victoria Kreisson is a registered member of the Complementary Medical Association and holds multiple qualifications as a Master Herbalist, Advanced Aromatherapist, Nutritional Therapist, Naturopath, Homeopath and Holistic Practitioner, amongst other things. She has over ten years experience in Retail Operations Management and Training and Development, along with sixteen years experience in the Natural and Holistic Health arena.