Practitioner Partnerships

If you are a holistic health practitioner or therapist, referring customers to HIPPIE for complimentary products could create additional revenue for your business, as well as helping to retain your customers, who could potentially be tempted away in other directions whilst looking for such products elsewhere. 

We promise to never suggest alternative therapists, practitioners, or otherwise cross promote those services to your customers! We respect the time and effort is has taken to build your client's trust and relationships and honour this aspect of your work.

Practitioner Benefits:

We offer a FREE  affiliation scheme, where 10% of all sales made via a practitioner's individual referral link is paid back to the practitioner who can then invest this commission back into their business.

Client Benefits:

In addition to this, clients also have the option to join our referral scheme, where points collected are redeemed for holistic healing and wellness products, including crystals, supplements, essential oils and self care products, which come with additional zoom classes on the related topic to empower people to take control of their own wellness. (visit for details) 

Why is it free? How Does HIPPIE Benefit?

HIPPIE is less than a year old, started with no savings or investors and with a tiny marketing budget. With a strong brand identity and creation story around the importance of looking after our own health and wellness, who better to share it with than those who understand the importance of a holistic approach to wellness... you!

All we ask is that you actively promote the scheme by displaying your affiliation, and include your link to us on your website for your customers to use. We appreciate how valuable your time really is so that really is it!


There is literally nothing to lose! Its FREE!

You win, your clients win, HIPPIE grows! 

(and it's fast and easy too!)

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