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Crystal Sound Healing Oracle

Crystal Sound Healing Oracle

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A Harmonious Blend of Sound, Crystal, and Energy

Step into a world of harmony, balance, and healing with the Crystal Sound Healing Oracle, the first deck of its kind. This unique oracle deck is designed to bring the transformative power of crystal alchemy singing bowls into your daily life, offering a multi-sensory experience that combines visual beauty with healing sound vibrations.

The Crystal Sound Healing Oracle features over 60 different crystal alchemy singing bowls, each meticulously crafted from quartz and then infused with the unique "alchemy" of various gemstones, metals, earth substances, or minerals. The result is a collection of stunning sonic pieces of art, each with its unique energy and emanation. From the ethereal lemurian seed crystal and the transformative moldavite to the loving energy of rose quartz infused with platinum, each crystal alchemy singing bowl carries a specific vibrational frequency that can ground, balance, inspire, and accelerate your energy.

The deck contains 48 cards, 44 of which showcase individual bowls, and 4 cards featuring harmonic sets that create a symphony of healing vibrations when used together. Each card is a gateway into the energy of the bowl it represents, guiding you into a meditative state of heightened awareness and healing.

The accompanying guidebook enhances the experience by providing insights into the alchemy of each bowl. It guides you on how to tap into the healing energy of the bowls, fostering a deeper understanding of their transformative power. Whether you're seeking grounding, inspiration, balance, or acceleration, the guidebook helps you navigate the deck and align with the energy that best supports your journey.

One of the standout features of the Crystal Sound Healing Oracle is the QR code on the reverse of each card. This innovative feature directs you to a recording of the bowl featured on the card, allowing you to immerse yourself in the healing sound vibrations. This multi-sensory experience enhances your interaction with the deck, providing a tangible connection to the healing power of sound.

The Crystal Sound Healing Oracle is more than just a card deck; it's a tool for transformation, a conduit for healing energies, and a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. Embrace the power of sound and crystal with this innovative oracle deck and let the vibrations guide you towards a life of balance, harmony, and healing.

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