Collection: Towers and Obelisks

Welcome to our premier online store, your ultimate destination for a wide selection of healing crystal towers and points, ethically traded in the UK. These exquisite crystals hold profound healing properties, assisting in restoring balance and harmony in your life.

Our collection features a variety of crystal towers and points, each specifically chosen for their unique energy and purpose. Whether you seek chakra crystals for alignment, crystals for anxiety relief, or balancing crystals, we have the perfect piece to meet your needs.

Hexagonal towers, with their six sides, are renowned for their ability to channel energy and facilitate focused intentions. They are ideal for meditation, promoting clarity, and enhancing spiritual growth. On the other hand, obelisk-shaped towers, with their elongated and pointed structure, are known for their ability to amplify and direct energy. They are often used for manifestation and intention-setting rituals.

The shape of crystal towers and points plays a vital role in projecting energy in a specific direction, allowing you to harness their healing properties with intention and precision. Each crystal tower carries its own unique vibration, serving as a powerful tool for personal transformation and spiritual development.

We are proud to offer ethically traded crystal towers and points, ensuring sustainability and supporting fair trade practices. Begin your journey of self-discovery and healing today with our exceptional collection of healing crystals. Experience the magic and power of these carefully selected crystals, ethically sourced to enhance your well-being.