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Citric Acid - 250g

Citric Acid - 250g

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Citric acid is sold as a white crystalline powder with no aroma. It is a fine grade which makes it easier to work with and makes a much smoother surface bath bomb. Here it is derived from corn (non-GMO) and is COSMOS approved.

It occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables but is most concentrated in lemons and limes where it can be up to 8% of the fruit content.
Use it around the home as an environmentally benign cleaning agent , as an antioxidant in your skincare formulas, (in formulations at 0.1% to 4%. It is water-soluble so cannot be used in oil-only formulations),  or in conjunction with Bicarbonate of Soda to make fizzy bath bombs.

Please note: Be careful not to take the pH of a product below 3.5 as that is a peeling level acidity on the skin. Citric Acid will sting if it gets into cuts or scratches on your skin and will also be very irritating to the eyes. This is relevant if you are making and moulding bath bombs or if working with children who may rub their eyes

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